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By Smaktakula

America Doesn't Need Another Privileged Child Of Wealth, But A Self-Made Man, Like Donald Trump's Father.

America’s Republican Party got a shot in the arm with the recent news that Donald ‘The Donald’ Trump has switched his party affiliation from Republican to Independent.  The real estate mogul and vulgar television personality had in years previous been registered as a Democrat.

Trump’s own plans are confusing.  According to a source he may be planning an independent run in 2012, but also claims he will support a particular Republican candidate when the time comes.  There is the danger that Trump’s opportunistic actions will divide the Republican field, allowing Barack Obama to win a second term despite his administration’s flagging popularity.  Experts agree that as catastrophic as this situation would be, it remains a small price to pay to avoid a Trump presidency.

Trump Would Have Brought Desperately Needed Dignity To The Republican Race.

Here are a few other faces whose defection would buoy the Republican Party:

Unfailingly Reminds The Public Of A Slimy Amphibian. Since Willard Romney Has A Manly Nickname Taken From A Piece Of Sporting Equipment,. Maybe They Should Have Called Gingrich "Jock."


"For God's Sake, Daddy--Don't Do It!" This Little Santora Loves The Republican Party THAT Much.


Yeah, We Get It. Kryptonite Will Solve Our Energy Problems.


Might Be A Little More Interesting If She Were Describing Her High School Boyfriend, And Not The Rapture.


We Feel You, Man--But He's Gone.