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A possible Republitizzy.

According to Glen Johnson of the AP, the Republican faithful have branded Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown a ‘Benedict’ after voting with the Democrats on a recent jobs bill.

Much ado about nothing, I suspect.  I haven’t seen the Drudge piece which Johnson cites, but even assuming that the AP piece correctly captures the spirit of the Drudge article, I don’t believe that’s indicative of any widespread Republican rage.

At least I hope not.

The Republicans absolutely deserve to be where they are right now.  For years their ranks have been clogged with second-raters who have allowed the small-government/personal liberty core of Republican ideology to be diluted, and allowing Christian ideology to morph into Christian policy.

Sad as they have become, the GOP is the last and only buffer against the big-state socialism of the current Democratic leadership.  So even if the Party of Lincoln, Roosevelt (the ambulatory one who liked to shoot things) and Reagan has soiled its legacy and earned a trip to political oblivion along with the Whigs and the Know-Nothings, the American people deserve better than the tripe the Democrats are pushing.

I’d like to think that brought so close to the edge, the Republicans have learned a thing or two about the dangers of dogma and complete inflexibility.  This story is the first litmus test.  Although I think it unlikely, if Republicans are as upset with Brown’s left-of-Goldwater vote on the jobs bill as Johnson would suggest (the man cites Facebook as a source; I wonder what Twitter has to say on the issue?), then God have mercy on us all: The two loudest voices will be the hard left and the Tea Party folks, with the great majority between it all wondering  just what the hell happened.

GOP:  Give Brown a break–the man represents Massachusetts, a commonwealth so blue that it’s  as much EU as USA.

Info on the possibly apocryphal Republitizzy: GOP’s Brown branded turncoat for jobs bill vote – washingtonpost.com.