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To celebrate his son’s birthday, rapper/mogul/fashionista Sean “The Artist Formerly Known As Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy and Not-Yet Formerly Known As Diddy” Combs threw a three-day Vegas bash for the Diddlet and his entourage of overindulged brats.             

Despite the many exciting activities for the pre-teen set in Sin City, doubtless the highlight of the evening for the birthday boy was the rare chance to see his father, who breezed in for a photo-op.  According to sources it was the youngster’s ” Best birthday present ever!”    

The younger Diddy is said to have asked for the same gift next year.           

To which the boy’s father indulgently replied, “We’ll see.”         

Hard To Top Last Year's Present: Three Hours With Dad

The Gilded Life Of A Diddlet: Birthday Bling: Diddy’s Son Celebrates 12th With Vegas Bash.             


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