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By Smaktakula

"C'Mon, Jimmy! I Said I Was Sorry! Now, What Were You Sayin'?"

"Never Mind. You'll Just Make Fun Of Me Again."

"Jimmy, I Won't, Buddy. I Want To Help."

"You Promise?"

"Hope To Die, Jimmy. Now Let's Hear It. I've Got Speaking Engagements To Get To."

"I Was Just Thinkin' That If Obama Ends Up Being A One-Termer--Which I Do Not For A Moment Hope--But If He Does, I Wonder If I Could Be The Second-Best Democrat In The Last Fifty Years?"

"That's A Good Question, Jimmy--An Important Question. But I'll Tell You Somethin', Buddy--There's Only One Person Who Can Answer That Question . . ."

"And That Person Is You."

"You Really Think So?"

"Oh, Hell Yeah, Jimmy! I Mean, If I Wanted To Know Anything About Being Number 2, I'd Ask Jimmy Carter. Don't Know Much About It Myself."