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By Smaktakula

"Hola, Amigos. I've Got An Offer You Won't Be Able To Refuse. Which Is Good, 'Cause I Don't Ask Twice."

Democrat James K. Polk, 11th President of the United States, is among the least-known of US Chief Executives, despite one of the most consequential presidencies in the nation’s history.  Unlike most politicians then and now, Polk kept his promises to the nation.

Polk promised the American People two things:

1)  He would serve only one term in office.

2) He would steal California from Mexico.

Polk was as good as his word, snatching California* and some lesser territory from Mexico, and then dying quietly a few months after his term in office ended.

James Knox Polk may be long-forgotten, but his image is mirrored in the smiling face of Mickey Mouse, his austere sensibilities captured in the sterile, earth-toned conformity of Irvine row-houses, his voice remembered whenever Los Angeles is pronounced LAHS ANJELUS.  James Polk may have been relegated to historical obscurity, but his light shines on.

¿Le Siguen Utilizando Esto? Our Bad.

* Technically, Mexico was paid for the “lost” territory.  So really, everything worked out.  ∞T.