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By Smaktakula

No, It's Nothing This Cool.

There’s been much oohing and ahhing over recently-released footage of what purports to be a US Navy laser destroying–eventually–an unmanned boat.  This technological innovation is welcome news for those individuals who have long sought a career in supervillainy, but lacked a doomsday weapon powerful enough to threaten the world itself.  Such enthusiasm may be premature.

We’re not so much disappointed as underwhelmed.  When it comes to vessel-destroying lasers, are we wrong to expect more Steven Spielberg and less Roger Corman?

Billions Of Blackened Ants Bear Mute Witness To The Fact That This Technology Is Hardly New.

Moreover, as with so many doomsday weapons, the MegaLaser has some inherent drawbacks.  Because a laser is highly-concentrated light, for example, if America’s enemies were somehow able to invent a technology which could redirect the beam, the lethal might of this ultimate weapon could easily be turned back upon its masters.

Damn, But You're A Clever Chap! Well Played.