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By Tardsie

So Now We’re Two Miles High.

We are delighted to present a second installment of Ask Tardsie, where we answer your questions–no matter how bizarre or uninformed–as honestly as we feel like.



Jennifer Worrell is eager to learn how “quaint” made the jump from naughty to nice.


Tom Simard asks why his dentist insists on humming while he works.

What Malignancy Makes A Man Not Only Enjoy Causing Pain, But Also Go To School For Seven Years To Perfect It?


Carrie Rubin wonders why television frequently depicts the women of law enforcement in tight, revealing clothing.

The Theory Is That Dudes Would Rather Look At Them Than Commit Crimes.


Ren Kyoko wants to know why she’s having trouble finding a boyfriend (she’s cute & doesn’t have bad breath).


White Lady in the Hood asks how she can make her next DMV visit more pleasurable.

But Just At The DMV.


A Bonus Blooper!

Tardsie Is Painfully Aware Of How His Laugh Sounds.

We require more questions to feed the beast! Write your inquiries in the space for comments below, or email them to Tardsie@gmail.com. No question is too moronic!