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And she does it in no uncertain terms.

I’m not sure what it is that makes Bullygate such a compelling story. 

Is it Mr. Brown himself that makes the story interesting–his thuggish behavior drawing inevitable comparisons to the affable Tony Blair?  Unlikely, given that there’s very little interesting about the current British PM.

A Big Teddy Bear

If the story isn’t about Gordonzilla, then the real meaning must lie with the culture of victimization which allows stories like this to gain traction.  It’s never fun to work in a poisonous culture, but to that Ms. Purves offers:

{B}ut if you’re good enough to get a job at Downing Street you’re good enough to find one somewhere quieter. And if you’re bright enough to be an aide, you can either shrug off the tantrums or tell Gordonzilla not to be so damn rude.

Read how Libby advocates a stiff upper lip: It’s Downing Street.  Not A Sheltered Workshop.