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 It’s sad, really, because back when Amnesty International enjoyed a consistent moral philosophy, it joined the international community in pressuring Iran not to kill author Salman Rushdie.  To be fair, the Ayatollah Khomeini did have a legitimate grievance–Mr. Rushdie wrote a book.  Around that same time, Amnesty International was keeping international attention on the plight of then-political prisoner Nelson Mandela.

For several years, however, Amnesty International seems to be losing its way.  Recovering alcoholics often say that a person must first hit “rock bottom” before beginning the road to recovery.  Perhaps this point marks the nadir in the once-great human rights organization’s history, and that Rushdie’s assertion will be a challenge to Amnesty to pick itself back up and begin the long, arduous work of repairing its reputation and mission.

Or, perhaps Amnesty will issue its first-ever fatwa

Read it before SR goes back into witness-relocation:Salman Rushdie: Amnesty International is morally bankrupt – Times Online.