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By Smaktakula

It turns out that Rich Iott, the GOP’s nominee for Ohio’s 9th Congressional District, likes to dress up as an SS officer.  This may prove a liability in the upcoming election.

Had The Photo Been Of--Say, Iott Having Relations With A Goose, For Example--He Might Have A Chance. But This?

Although Iott contends that his activities with Wiking, a group which reenacts the battles of Germany’s 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking, merely reflect his love of history, this incident raises serious question about Iott’s electability.   At the very least this displays a marked lack of judgement for a candidate.  The only thing more politically damaging than being photographed in a Nazi officer’s uniform is actually going full Mönti and dressing up like Hitler.

"My Opponents Will Try To Use This To Discredit Me, But The Voters Are Smarter Than That. Come November, There Will Be A Final Solution. No . . .Wait. *Resolution.* That's What I Meant."

While this news should play well within the relatively tiny white supremacist subculture, that’s likely to be of little benefit to Iott, as very few such individuals vote, believing it to be a “waste of time since the Zionist cabal has already determined the winner.”  It will play poorly with both the Democratic party and  with moderate to conservative elements within the GOP.  Members of the Tea Party are expected to react no more warmly.  Although Iott is a Tea Party candidate, the party is said to be fuming at the weekend Krieger’s indiscretion.  A disgusted Tea Party member was heard opining that, “You can’t have National Socialism without socialism.”

Michael Steele Inexplicably Remains As The GOP Chief: "Look, Everybody Dresses Up Like A Nazi Now And Then, Right? But What We're Saying Is, He Shouldn't Have Let Them Take His Picture."

Most observers predict that the disclosure of his involvement with the Weekend Wehrmacht will doom Iott’s  election bid.  Not so, says the congressional hopeful.  “America has been ‘business as usual’ for too long.  What you’re really talking about is institutional chaos.  Rich Iott will make sense of the chaos, and with your help will bring about a New Order in November.”

Britain Bequeathed To America The Gift Of Liberty. It Stands To Reason Some Less Savory Traits Might Have Been Included.