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By Smaktakula

Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss. Except Much Fatter.

It’s not typical in the information age for the political rising star of a nuclear-capable rogue state to go unnoticed by nervous foreign powers.  But in the case of the Brilliant Comrade, Kim Jong-il’s mysterious and until recently unknown son, Kim Jong-un, that appears to be exactly what happened.

Because Despots-In-Training--Even The Comical Kind--Do Not Smile For Photos.

Now the old man is trotting ‘Lil ‘Lil Kim out at every opportunity, giving the world a chance to examine the Brilliant Comrade in detail.  He’s a little heftier than previous pictures indicated, not unremarkable in a country so desperately lacking in food.  Moreover, ‘Lil ‘Lil Kim’s porcine features coupled with the irascible disposition he is said to have inherited from his father lends him that special brand of terrifying goofiness which should allow him to lord over the impoverished third-world hellhole as long as its crumbling infrastructure holds out.

"Th-Th-Th-That's All, F-F-F-Forks!"