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By Smaktakula

If recent statistics on bullying are any indication, hostility is on the rise across the board.  In the past, Promethean Times has offered suggestions for dealing with those loutish jackanapes who insist on being rude.

Some People Insist On Being Difficult.

While our advice is typically to turn the other cheek upon encountering such an individual, we acknowledge that this method may not work in every situation.  There are times when necessity compels a person haul back and give some verbal ruffian what’s coming to him.

It is for this reason that we have devised the Promethean Times Method, a universal response to any rude comment, from quiet passive-aggression to mad-dog hostility.  Not only is the PTM utilitarian, but is also a devastatingly incisive bit of wit to which there is no defense.  Best of all, we’ve made it public domain–so you can use it, too!

In Most Instances, We Find That A Simple, Heartfelt Response Is Most Effective.

The Promethean Times Method is simple enough to be demonstrated by the following example:

  • Sneering Ass: Hey, Smaktakula–I heard that your parents were first cousins!
  • Smaktakula: Is that right?  Well, you know what I heard?  FUCK YOU, that’s what I heard!

Use it wisely!

They were SECOND cousins.  That’s legal pretty much everywhere!