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By Smaktakula

Make Your Man Forget All About His 72 Black-Eyed Virgins.

The idea that martyrdom is strictly a man’s game took a crippling hit recently with the online publication of Al-Shamikha, an in-your-face fashion fatwa on the hide-bound ideas of yesteryear, aimed at those burqa-bedecked beauties holding down the homefront for their al Qaeda men.

Drive Him Wild By Issuing A Fatwa On Frumpiness.

Billed as a Cosmopolitan for the veiled set, Al-Shamikha’s creators hope that their publication will prove popular not only with radical Islamic women, but with crazy ladies of all stripes, including cat ladies and women who have no children but obsessively collect stuffed animals.  With groundbreaking articles like High Heels for the Hajj? and Help!  I’m in Love with a Filthy Jew, Al-Shamikha speaks to today’s lady jihadist like a disembodied voice in her head.

Al-Shamikha‘s creators boast that women who read their magazine will “no doubt quickly become the favorite wife.”   They hasten to add, “And maybe avoid a beating, too!”

"I Am Working Hard Every Day To Rid The World Of Zionists And Crusaders. Is It Too Much To Ask That You Doll Yourself Up A Little?"