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By Smaktakula

Even With The Internet Down, This Armenian Super-Computer Still Has A Utilitarian Function.

An elderly Georgian woman is facing legal action after accidentally terminating internet service to Armenia.  This is an especially hard blow for the tiny temporary country, which is said to be struggling to find its feet and constantly on guard against neighbor and historical enemy Turkey, which tends to erase Armenia from the map every couple of generations.

Technology Problems Can Be Devastating For A Culture Which Has Yet To Discover Edible Food.

The elderly prankster says she was digging for copper when she inadvertently stripped the data-carrying line, causing the data outage in Armenia, as well as in some parts of Georgia and Azerbaijan.  Although authorities fixed the problem within a few hours, the incident was said to be a tremendous inconvenience for the dozen or so Armenians familiar with the internet.

"Without The Internet, How Can I Send Out My Daily Reminder About The Armenian Holocaust? It's Not Fair--Everybody Talks About The Jewish Holocaust, But We Had Ours First, And It Was Way Better."