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By Smaktakula

The People Of Ivory Coast Have Thrown Of The Shackles Of Oppression And Embraced Their New Tyrant.

At last it appears that the months-long electoral crisis in Ivory Coast is about to be resolved to the world’s satisfaction.  The international community has long backed challenger Alassane Ouattara over incumbent Laurent Gbagbo, believing that it’s high time the tiny West African nation had a new overlord.

Alassane Ouattara "My Opponent Failed To Realize That The International Community Was Semi-Serious About Regime Change."

Ouattara appears up to the challenge.  During the months-long standoff, the UN-supported candidate’s forces have managed to kill more civilians than the beleaguered Gbagbo, whose powers as an African strongman appear to be fading.

"After So Many Months Of The Ivorian Stalemate, At Last An End Is In Sight, An End Which Reflects The Will Of The Free And Sovereign People Of Ivory Coast, Who Have Used This Freedom To Pick A Strongman Of Their Own Choosing, Who Will Trample Liberties In Accordance With The People's Wishes And Not Act As An Irresponsible Autocrat."

International leaders have noted Gbagbo’s weakness.  Normally-cautious US President Barack Obama felt emboldened enough by the developments to call for Gbagbo’s immediate ouster.  Time is clearly running out for yesterday’s despot, who is said to be confined to his residence, and close to announcing a cease-fire.

The World Signaled Its Commitment To Ending The Crisis By Sending French Forces To Ivory Coast.

Ouattara is said to be eagerly awaiting the changeover.   His supporters promise that the Outtara regime will usher in an era of freedom and democracy that will last as long as the new leader is in power, which is expected to be several decades.

If You Can't Unseat The Tyrant You Hate, Baby, Better Unseat The Tyrant You Can.