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By Smaktakula

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. In This Case, The Responsibility To Hit That With A Quickness.

Whereas:  Col. Tony Nelson is an unmarried career officer in the United States Air Force,

Whereas:  Col. Nelson is in possession of a genie,

Whereas:  The genie is female,

Whereas:  The genie is hot,

"Jeannie, I Want You . . . To Tell Me Where You Got That Veil. Girlfriend, Now Don't Be Keeping Secrets From Colonel Nelly!"

Whereas: The genie is willing–eager, even–to fulfill the Colonel’s wildest fantasies, including but not limited to endless wealth and power, or sexual escapades undreamed by the most satyric libertine,

Whereas:  Col. Nelson not only fails to capitalize on his own good fortune, but actively discourages the use of the genie’s abilities, thereby eliminating her as a resource for others,

Poor Genie. She Always Falls For The Same Kind Of Guy.

Resolved:  Col. Nelson demonstrates  a staggering lack of judgement and/or heightened levels of homosexuality unsuitable for the 1960’s US Air Force.  Recommend termination, or at the very least expulsion from the USAF.  Genie is to be given to a Naval Officer, who have long and proud histories of objectifying women.

Navy Men Sometimes Fail To Put Their Requests Through Proper Channels.

Anthony 'Tony' Nelson I Dream of Jeannie