By Tardsie

Classic Promethean Times–You Love It!

You so lucky!

Smaktakula is staring down the barrel of a loaded deadline, finishing a project which sadly, draws him from his Promethean Times’ duties. As we speak the gifted writer is ensconced–as he has been for the better part of four days now–in his ‘thinking place,’ the filthy crawl space between the outside of his office and the back fence. He says that there, among the cinderblocks and empty paint cans, is the one place he truly feels free.

While an observer from those less cosmopolitan echelons of society (i.e., rubes, yokels, boobs and other halfwits) might perceive Smaktakula’s posture as fetal, this is actually a form of yoga. Smaktakula is focusing his chi by performing the ‘supplicant dog.’

This same cretinous fellow, upon hearing Smaktakula’s vigorous breathing exercises might confuse them for the wracking sobs of a man who understands too late that the fox he has captured is in reality a dragon and now can only wait for the sweet release that will prove his ruin when after tiring of him, the beast devours him whole.

It’s laughable, I know–but people get funny ideas in their heads.

And no, he is not sucking his goddamn thumb! He’s chewing on it! It helps him think. Geez…

Anyway, the upshot of this is that for this week, in addition to one or possibly two new pieces, we’ll be reposting a number of “classic PT” pieces that you probably haven’t seen, but are sure to love. But we really don’t care if you do or not.

You Know We Really Do Care. But Regardless Of What You Tell Everybody, You Like Us Better When We’re A Little Mean.

Seriously, they’ll all be winners. We promise.