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By Smaktakula

Just As Good Policies Sometimes Have Adverse And Unforeseen Consequences, Autocratic Douchebaggery Can Occasionally Have A Silver Lining.

In attempting to muzzle criticism of his increasingly despotic rule, Russia’s President, with the cheerful assistance of the authoritarian kleptocracy’s kangaroo courts, has perversely managed to shatter a long-standing barrier to free speech. By jailing for two years a punk band for the crime of hooliganism, the humorless tyrant has thrust the words P***y Riot¹ into polite discussion.

To Be Fair, This Is What Passes For Polite Discussion Nowadays.

True to our innovative and inclusive nature, the United States has for many years been home to a number of vaginally-themed musical acts:


P***y Riot: It Doesn’t Have To Be Vulgar.

¹ You may be compelled to ask if, as we claim, the term is now truly acceptable for polite use, and given that we think nothing of throwing around even more offensive terms like ‘cunt’ or ‘jizz-goblin,’ why we would censor ourselves here? We did it for YOU. You like it when we keep you on your toes. ∞ T.