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By Smaktakula

For the second time in the past few months, a celebrity chef has been charged with a crime.  And again, it wasn’t Guy Fieri.        

The severity of these crimes appears to be on the rise. Juan-Carlos Cruz has been accused of soliciting murder-for-hire.        

If He Had It To Do Again, Juan-Carlos Would Most Likely NOT Enlist Random Homeless People In A Murder-For-Hire Plot.

It would be hard to find someone critical of putting a murderer–or in Cruz’ case, an alleged murderer–behind bars.  The community is undeniably a safer place with Cruz off the streets.       

Critics charge that offenders such as Cruz are low-hanging fruit.  Perhaps the authorities would be wise to invest their energies in bringing down America’s culinary crimelord:       

Fieri: Unpunished, Unrepentant, Unleashed

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