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By Smaktakula

Powerful interests have turned on Wyclef “Fugeeman” Jean in an effort to scuttle the hip-hop star’s bid to become president of his native Haiti.  Only a few weeks ago, when Fugeeman threw his braids into the ring, it seemed the musician-turned-statesman was certain to claim Haiti’s presidency, and at least make a passable effort at saving the doomed nation before looting its increasingly dry coffers.

Fugeeman: His Ascension To The Presidency Would Bump Voodoo Down To #2 On The List Of Things People Know About Haiti.

It may never come to pass: Haiti’s provisional election council has ruled that Jean is ineligible for the presidency since he has lived outside of Haiti during the last five years.  That Haiti has a governing body able to make such decisions will no doubt come as a shock to many observers, who reasonably assumed the impoverished nation to be much like the Wild West, only with voodoo dolls and zombies.

Fugeeman vowed to carry on.  But now there was blood in the water.  The next betrayal came from an unexpected source–Fugeeman’s former bandmate, Pras.  Pras signalled his betrayal with a metaphorical kiss on the cheek, saying that while he “loves Wyclef dearly,” he is supporting Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly, citing both competence and a better nickname.

Sweet Micky Doesn't Want You To Be Swayed By Shitty Production Values.

A more notable Fugeefoe is talented actor and high school graduate Sean Penn.  Outside of his many fine performances on the big screen, Penn is perhaps best known for cozying up to undemocratic dictators like Saddam Hussein and Penn’s pal Hugo Chavez, as well as for talking a great deal on subjects of which he a limited understanding.  Penn reportedly fears that Fugeeman will allow American companies to come into Haiti with their filthy, economy-reviving money.  Presumably, Penn favors a Bolivarian type, like the coca-chawing Chavez.  Although it is unclear that Chavez’ successes in Venezuela could be replicated in Haiti, as there are no opposition television stations to shut down.  Furthermore, in Haiti the idea of a strongman abolishing the constitution and becoming dictator for life is old hat.

Sean Doesn't Understand Much Of What His BFF Is Saying, But He Nods And Smiles To Be Polite.

Perhaps Fugeeman’s only misstep in his campaign  has been when he referred to his “Rastafarian heritage.”  When a reporter responded that Rastafarianism was more commonly associated with Jamaica, Fugeeman patiently replied, “Haiti.  I’m from Haiti.”

Wyclef's Love Song To Haiti: "Bitch Better Have My Money."

Despite his obvious qualifications and overall grooviness, an unseen cadre has so far been successful in thwarting Jean’s historic bid.  However, Fugeeman is reportedly already preparing for this eventuality.  He is said to be quietly assembling an army of hip-hop jihadists,  and a flotilla of speedboats.  No one wants to avoid bloodshed more than the peace-professing musician.  But Fugeefoes beware: a coup sponsored by MTV and BET is hardly the worst career move Wyclef Jean could make.