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By Smaktakula

The Juice Prepares For A Career After Prison.

Orenthal James Simpson, the unpunished murder-turned-sports memorabilia patsy, recently received some unwelcome news.  The Nevada Supreme Court refused to overturn his recent conviction for successfully beating an ironclad double-homicide rap 1995 as well as for a minor incident in Las Vegas.   It seems the Juice won’t be loosed any time soon.

Understandably, Fred Goldman Has Mixed Feelings About Seeing The Murderer Of His Son Locked Behind Bars And Thus No Longer Able To Provide Him With An Income.

"Jes' Don' Make The Cops Look Stupid, An' You'll Be Awright."

This is it, folks–OJ’s making his break!  He’s on the 10! . . .the 5! . . .the 405!