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By Smaktakula

"Y'Know, Bill--Losing The Presidency In 1980 Still Hurts. To Be Overwhelmingly Rejected By The American People Like That When I Tried To Do My Best Is Something I'll Take With Me To The Grave."

"C'mon Now, Jimmy--Cheer Up, Buddy! Don't You Know That Everybody Faces That Moment Of Truth At Some Point In Their Lives? I'm Gonna Tell You Something That Not Many People Know. You Remember When I Ran For Reelection In 1996?"

"Sure. You Beat Bob Dole In A Landslide."

"Heh. Yeah, I Kicked Dole's Ass Like A Blind Girl In A Boxing Match. Hoo-Wee! That Was A Great Election. Two-Termer, Baby!"

" . . . "