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By Smaktakula

Authorities On Both Sides Of The Border Hope That Drones Are Every Bit As Effective At Policing The Border As They Were In Apprehending Osama bin Laden.

Last week a remote-control drone used by Mexican Federales crashed on the American side of the border.  Typically, these unmanned spy drones are equipped with a variety of high-tech sensory equipment, and outside of military purposes, are primarily used as a means to squander resources perpetuating the War on Drugs.™

The drone came to earth in El Paso, Texas on December 14th, after a routine patrol over American territory.  Representatives of the Mexican Government say they do not know at this time what downed the craft.

For Reals: Mexico Has A Space Program

American law enforcement was both surprised and impressed in the wake of the crash.  According to one law enforcement source, Mexican officials had repeatedly disclosed the existence of the drones to their US counterparts.  “We didn’t believe them,” the official says, “But they seemed so excited by the idea that we didn’t want to hurt their feelings.  We pretended to go along with it.”

Mexican Authorities Hope That Eyes In The Sky Will Help To Control The Lawless Border Region. El Impala Cósmica (Above) Is Scheduled For An Early 2011 Launch.

Even as details emerge, many questions about the crashed drone remain unanswered.  There is still no word as to the fate of the approximately 25-30 undocumented immigrants thought to be clinging furiously to the drone’s underbelly at the time of the crash.

It May Not Have Happened At All Like This.