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By Smaktakula

When oil-rich backwater Libya was caught up in the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ in late February, it seemed only a matter of time before unrepentant dickhead Muammar al-Gaddafi would be deposed and shortly thereafter executed, his leathery carcass cast into the Sarlacc pit while a new and equally despotic regime arose to take his place.  It would appear, however, that this analysis grossly underestimates the sand-despot’s ability to cling tenaciously to power like a tick nestled against a dog’s belly.  He’s still there.

"Are You Gonna Do Something, Or Just Stand There And Bleed? Go On, Skin That Smokewagon!"

We’ve completely lost interest in this program.  When will the new episodes of Two and a Half Men be airing? ∞T.