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By Smaktakula

The Payout From Smaktakula’s Insurance Policies Will Help Next-Daddy Raise His Kids In Style.

Pray that again I never shall find,

Something quite so much a grind.

Task upon toil  for hours untold,

My sonorous voice …

Sorry to break the moment, but I wanted to mention that, since you never get to hear me speak, I do have a pretty decent voice. Old people in particular seem to like it. Go figure.

We’ll just start up again on that last take. And one…two…

My sonorous voice quickly sounds old.

Want to improve your literary health?

Take a volume from atop your shelf.

Rather than listen to someone else suck,

Read a real book you illiterate fuck!

They Ruin Lives!

He’s just foolin’, Spoken Word. You know he loves you.  ∞ T.