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By Smaktakula

Very little is known about Nimrod the Hunter, and much of the information available about the ancient ruler is of uncertain historical accuracy.  Moreover, some texts, like the Bible and Talmud, offer differing accounts of Nimrod’s life.

Believed by some to be a wise and learned king, by others to be an incestuous despot whose hubris spawned the Tower of Babel, it’s difficult to describe the historical figure of Nimrod with any certainty.  However, all sources agree on one point: Nimrod was an unparalleled badass.

"Nimrod The Hunter Demands Wenches And Ale!"

Tragically, although Nimrod’s renown has long since faded into historical silence, his name remains in common use.  But instead of tough-guy machismo, the name is now associated with dudes like this:

What A Fucking Nimrod.