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By Smaktakula

Benjamin Franklin Played Many Roles: Inventor, Founding Father and World-Class Skonk. Understandably, He's Not So Much Remembered For The Turkey Thing.

If Founding Father Benjamin Franklin had his way, the role of turkeys in American society might be very different.  In writing a letter to his daughter, Franklin lamented that the eagle, rather than the turkey, was the new symbol of the young nation.

Comparing the turkey to the eagle, Franklin said:

“For the truth the Turkey is in comparison a much more respectable bird, and withal a true original native of America.”

Hell No, Those Aren't Tumors! That's His Natural Beauty.

Had Franklin been more forceful, the turkey might today be the symbol of the United States.  Who knows?  In such a scenario, it’s likely that American’s would no longer find appetizing the thought of a turkey’s charred carcass, and instead might enjoy a traditional bald eagle egg omelette.

"The Very First Thanksgiving Was A Pivotal Moment For My People, One We Could Not Have Foreseen. Looking Back, Perhaps We Should Have Let The Newcomers Starve."


Dudes–keep it down, the game’s on.  Let’s go, Cowboys!