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By Smaktakula

Leslie Nielsen: 1926-2010

Evansville, Indiana:  Multiple injuries were reported Sunday night at Ye Owl & Boar Tavern in Evansville, stemming from a dispute surrounding the career of the late actor Leslie Nielsen.  The 84-year old star had died earlier in the day.

Despite Being A Canadian Named Leslie, Nielsen Could Turn On The Tough When He Had To.

Bartender Mort Travis described the argument which led to the brawl.  “The sound was off on the TV, but CNN announced that actor {Nielsen} had died.  Everybody was real sad about that.”  But things would not remain calm.  “Then Jimmy Durbin said the thing that started it all.”

According to several eyewitnesses, what Durbin is reported to have said was, “Of all the things that guy ever did, my favorite was ‘Mission Impossible.'”

"If You Believe In Yourself," Said Nielsen, "No Mission Is Impossible."

“That started everyone arguing,” says Travis, “Because Jimmy had the guy confused with another guy.  I’m pretty sure that guy {Nielsen} was in the A-Team.  You know who I’m talking about–not the black guy.”

Nielsen Remained In Demand During His Later Years By Always Bringing His A-Game.

The brawl resulted in several arrests and three hospitalizations.  However, by an hour before closing time, many of the fight’s participants were back upon their bar stools as if nothing had happened.

In all the confusion, it’s easy to overlook the salient fact underlying the fracas: a great actor and Hollywood legend has left us.  We’ll miss that wild and crazy guy!

"Well Excuuuuuuuuuse Me!"

Just think of the confusion which will arise when either Bill Pullman or Jeff Daniels dies.