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By Smaktakula

You Came For The Historical Treasures. Stay For The Chaos.

Although initial details are sketchy, various news organizations are reporting that crowds loyal to beleaguered Egyptian despot Hosni Mubarak have been gathering in Cairo since Wednesday morning, and have clashed with anti-Mubarak protesters.  This violence shatters the primarily peaceful image of the protests thus far beamed to the world.

Watch Out For This Guy.

Among so many unforseen twists in this story is the miraculous manifestation of Leslie Nielsen’s unquiet spirit.  Nielsen, who died last year, remained largely apolitical throughout his life, shocking many who assumed he would remain so once in the grave.

It appears, however, that the intermittently funny blob of Canadian ectoplasm stands in solidarity with the people of Egypt.  According to reports, the vengeful spirit suffered a beatdown at the hands of a pro-Mubarak mob.

Leslie Hasn't Gone Gentle Into Any Goodnight.