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By Smaktakula

For The Amount Of Relaxer In This Guy's Hair, He's Not All That Relaxed.

Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi is turning heads around the globe.  Consigned to certain defeat just a week ago, the plucky tyrant is holding out, and in some places regaining ground lost to rebel forces.

The sun-baked despot is thought to be enjoying his return to the spotlight as Public Enemy #1, thumbing his nose at the great powers of the world.  The global community moved swiftly upon word of unrest in Libya, meeting the challenge head on with official condemnation and high-level hand wringing.  There’s even talk of asset freezing.  Clearly, Gaddafi’s days are numbered.

"Although The American People--A Liberty Loving People Born In A Rebellion Themselves--Cherish The Right Of Free Peoples To Decide Their Own Destinies, And Therefore Avoid Meddling In Disputes Far From Our Shores, As Free People, We Also Value Liberty And The Rights Of Individual Men, Which It Seems--Although It May At This Time Be Too Early To Make A Definitive Judgement--That In Libya, Those Liberties Are Not Being Respected. If This Is True--And Again, We Don't Have All The Facts Right Now--Then We Think It Would Be Really Cool Of Col. Gaddafi To Just Cut It Out, Okay?"

When the UN finally steps in to completely settle hostilities, as they have in places such as North Korea or Ivory Coast, Libya will once again be a peaceful oasis of camaraderie and freedom.  It’s a pretty safe bet, however, that until the Colonel goes, there’ll be a lot of bodies in the streets.

"I Will . . . How Do You Say In English? . . . See You In Hell."

Bonus: The Colonel’s Got His Own Theme Song!