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By Smaktakula

The WBC Believes That The Bible Is The Literal Word Of God. Except That Part About "Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself, For God Loves All." Nobody Knows How THAT Wackiness Got In There.

Fred Phelps and his odious Westboro Baptist Church were the recent victors in a 8-1 Supreme Court decision which upheld the church’s right to act like complete cocksuckers at the funerals of soldiers.  The WBC is concerned, as are many fundamentalist Christian and Islamic groups, that the United States has become entirely too tolerant of homosexuality.

Rather than pray for these wayward souls as do so many less militant groups, the WBC takes, what is to their thinking anyway, direct action.  To combat homosexuality, this group demonstrates at the funerals of soldiers (of whom, although no data exist to confirm this, it can be assumed were largely heterosexual), trumpeting the Good News that God is not only thrilled by the heartbreaking loss of life, but that moreover the Almighty “Hates Fags.”

As devoted proponents of the 1st Amendment, Promethean Times applauds the Supreme Court’s decision.  As difficult as it can sometimes be to accept, tolerance includes those things which offend us to our cores.  In this way, Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church have struck a victory for us all.

To Fred Phelps, champion of our civil liberties, we say:


"I WANT YOU To Go Fuck Yourself."