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By Smaktakula

Seriously--Is There Anyone Who Thinks This Looks Good?

Look, this is America–really, you can wear your hair any way you want.  However, in our ongoing battle against follicular douchebaggery, Promethean Times has previously inveighed against such stylistic travesties as the mullet, the fauxhawk and dreadlocks on blond guys.  Today, we make a special appeal to black guys across the world: Please don’t straighten your hair.

We’re Just Talking About Dudes. Don’t Change A Thing.

In the very early days of the Civil Rights movement, it was briefly fashionable for African-American men to straighten their hair.  However, with the development and solidification of a black racial consciousness, natural hair began to make a comeback, and straight hair began to become a rarity among black men.

A Helpful Abstraction.

However, in 2011 there are still a handful of professions where straightened hair is the norm for African-Americans.  Chief among these are preacher, pimp and some combination of the two.

"I FEEL GOOD!" He Looks Good, Too. When You're A Sex Mo-Sheen, You Can Be The Exception To The Rule.

Some quick DOs & DON’Ts:




You're Fine, Ma'am. Sorry To Have Bothered You.