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By Smaktakula

For Whitey, By Whitey.

Weird Family Photo - WTF

Caucasians Tend To Have Higher Incidences Of The So-Called ‘Dork Gene’ Than The Other Races, Although In This They Are Followed Closely By Asians.

With A Few Notable Exceptions, The Premier Spleen-Eating Nutjobs Have All Been White.

Honestly, White People Don’t Think He’s Funny Either. They Just Pretend To Because It Annoys You.

For Many Years, It Was Considered A Lock That A White Dude Would Win The Presidency.

Whatever. Do We Give You A Hard Time About Putting Salsa On Everything?

Worst Case Scenario: He Gets A Ticket.

White Man’s Overbite: Why Fair-Skinned Dudes Should Not Dance (This Applies To Straight Men Only–You Do Your Thing, Girlfriend).

Despite The Diluting Tendencies Of Multiculturalism, Some Fashions Remain Distinctively White.

“It’s True That Sir Edmund Hillary–A White Man–Was The FIrst To Reach The Top Of Mt. Everest. I Should Know; I Was There.”

Much Like The Futuristic Do-Gooders Of Star Trek, White People Have Always Endeavored To Be Respectful Of Indigenous Cultures.

It’s Never To Early To Instill A Sense Of Community Spirit In Your Child.

“Whitey 4 Life, Yo!”