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By Smaktakula

It’s fortunate we live in an age of such relative affluence and comfort that groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation can devote some measure of their manufactured indignity in such ridiculous pursuits as the Mother Teresa Stamp Controversy.

Americans who understand their First Amendment rights know that the government has no place endorsing a particular religion.  Largely, this is an issue which is not in debate.  What is in debate is whether including Mother Teresa on a US stamp is tantamount to endorsing a religion.

Does anybody outside the Catholic Church really identify Mother Teresa with Catholicism?  Like Malcolm X (Nation of Islam) and Martin Luther King Jr. (protestant Christianity), who used their religious affiliations as a pulpit and whose likenesses have already been issued as US stamps, Mother Teresa is primarily known for her work, and less so for her faith.

Groups like Freedom From Religion like to think of themselves as tireless defenders of reason, waging a thankless war against the dark tide of ignorance.  In reality, these organizations give angry people a chance to meet other bitter-enders and a way to channel their previously unfocused rage.

FFRF: Do you imagine they have time for this kind of crap in other parts of the world?