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By Smaktakula

Don't Waste Your Energy Feeling Sorry For Shannon. Seriously--The Chick's A Cooze.

Fans of Schadenfreude were thrilled by the news that Shannon Price, best known for her half-marriage with half-man Gary Coleman, is living like a filthy animal.  In Utah!  It seems that the unrepentant black widow still resides in the home she mooched from her tiny meal ticket and in which she let him die, only now the home is occupied by actual black widows–also Price’s dad, her brother, several hounds and about 3,600 cubic feet of refuse.

"For Reals--The Thing Hangs All The Way To My Knees. Still, She Won't Touch Me."

For some, it may be instinctive to pity Ms. Price for maintaining her home like a São Paulo shanty, just as they might a hamster long untended by its keeper and forced to eat its own droppings to gain a few more precious hours of life.  This charity is undeserved; anyone feeling sorry for the strawberry strumpet either ignores or has forgotten that she wasted precious minutes getting her shit together while her twitching ex-husband lay dying on the concrete floor of the laundry room.  In a final indignity, she posed for pictures with Coleman on his deathbed before selling the images to the insipid British tabloid, The Globe.

We Are Mystified As To Why Gary's Parents Did Not Invite This Cooze To The Actor's Funeral.

Adding to the enormity of her coozehood is Price’s ridiculous claim that it would somehow upset her deceased ex-husband if he knew she was living this way. Coleman, known for his misanthropic love of trains and little else, would most likely be pained only to learn that the talentless Yoko was still living.

Gary's Unquiet Spirit Was Profoundly Moved To Hear Of Shannon's Plight.

Although she is content for the present to live like a rodent in a urine-soaked flyfarm, Price’s future remains a mystery.  The only thing anyone knows for sure is that Emmanuel Lewis isn’t returning her calls.

Shannon Chooses As Her Role Models Take-Charge Gals Who Like To Have A Good Time And Aren't Afraid To Make A Mistake.